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Welcome to the House Of Smart Headshop. As you can see, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the wide world of psychedelics, herbs, and smokables. Hence, our Headshop is dedicated to stocking all the accessories and paraphernalia you require to enjoy your favourite “pick me up”.

From bongs and pipes to grinders, rolling papers, and lighters, our Headshop is packed full with all kinds of fun and useful tools to make your smoke/trip as comfortable as possible.

Here are some of the products you’ll find at the HOS Headshop:

• Rolling papers and tips: Let’s be honest, smokers can be fussy about the products they use to roll their herb. Luckily, we carry a wide selection of rolling papers and tips to suit even the most picky smoker.

• Herb grinders: There are plenty of ways to cut up your herb. But nothing quite gets the job done like a quality grinder. The HOS Headshop carries a wide variety of herb grinders so you can enjoy a fine, even chop every time.

• Pipes: Pipes and chillums are arguably some of the most traditional smoking instruments. If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll be glad to know we have a wide assortment of pipes, so you can smoke just like our ancestors did.

• Bongs: A bong is arguably one of the most iconic pieces of smoking paraphernalia. From single chamber bubblers for discreet on-the-go hits to giant big-rigs with multiple chambers, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bong at our Headshop.

• Dab rigs: Dabbing is the perfect way to preserve the many delicate terpenes and compounds in you favourite concentrates. So if you’re a concentrate fan, make sure to check out our dab rigs today.

• Stash gear: Storing cannabis, herbs, and other related products is a real pain if you don’t have the right equipment. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a range of stash gear (including jars, baggies, and much more) to help you transport/store your favourite substances easily and discreetly.

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• Hemp cosmetics and food: Recent research has confirmed what our ancestors knew for centuries; hemp is both a super food and powerful medicinal ingredient. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of this iconic plant, make sure to contact us about our selection of hemp products.

Besides these products, we also stock:

• Ashtrays • Lighters • Scales • Merchandise and clothing • Hemp cosmetics and food • Souvenirs • Books

At HOS, we pride ourselves on catering to smokers and psychonauts by facilitating a safe and comfortable experience. Regardless of whether you’re looking to spark up a joint or enjoy a kratom tea, you can rest assured we’ve got the right tools to make the event as pleasurable as possible.

For more information about the products in our Headshop, contact us or drop by the store today. We look forward to hearing from you!