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Welcome to the House Of Smart Shroomshop! Below, you’ll find a full list of our truffles and magic mushroom-related products, including grow kits, accessories, and much more.

At House Of Smart, we’re committed to bringing our customers only the highest-quality products. And with our Shroomshop, it’s no different. We stock the best truffles and shroom kits from reliable manufacturers like Mush Magic, Mush Mush, and many more.

If you’re looking to enjoy a psychedelic trip at a moment’s notice, we highly recommend checking out our line of magic truffles. The Psilocybe Mexicana, Pajaritos, Mokum, and Fantasia are all popular mid-strength varieties that are suitable for both beginners and experienced truffle enthusiasts alike.

If you’re after a more intense trip, we suggest the Psilocybe Atlantis, Pandora, or even Valhalla. These powerful strains are renowned for producing potent effects that are long-lasting and extremely insightful.

Some other popular truffle varieties we stock include:

• Ecuador: Native to the Andean region of Ecuador, this species of mushroom is very resilient, making it a popular option for new growers.

• Golden Teacher: Golden Teachers first made their debut in the 1980s and have since become a classic mushroom strain enjoyed by psychonauts all around the world.

• Hawaiian: Psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian is another resilient strain that produces big shrooms that are extra potent.

Alternatively, if you want to try your hand at growing your very own psychedelic crop of mushrooms, explore our grow kits and accessories, like those by Mush Mush.

Both of these kits are available in a variety of different strains and sizes, and include everything you need to start your very own mushroom garden right at home.

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Our best-selling kits are those containing Psilocybe cubensis B+, a popular mushroom strain that’s renowned for its potency and size. However, we also offer shroom kits with other varieties, including Mexicana, Moby Dick, and many more.

All of our kits are available in different sizes, but produce multiple harvests (or flushes). They all include a grow medium (usually 100% mycelium) and a grow bag. Once you open the package, simply place the grow medium inside the bag and mist its inner surface regularly. Within a few weeks, you’ll be rewarded with big, potent mushrooms that can be enjoyed just like any regular mushroom.

Aside from growing kits, our Shroomshop also stocks a wide variety of other mushroom-related accessories. This includes everything from grow equipment like spore syringes, prints, heat mats, grow bags, and much more. If you’re planning to grow your own batch of mushrooms at home, you can rest assured we’ve got all the materials you need.

For more information on all of our products, remember to contact us via phone, email, social media, or come drop by our store!