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Welcome to the House Of Smart CBD Shop! Here, you’ll find a full selection of CBD and hemp products designed to help you reap the many health benefits of CBD-rich cannabis.

Our CBD store stocks a wide variety of CBD products, including:

• CBD oil • CBD capsules • CBD edibles • CBD cosmetics/topicals

Recent research has confirmed what our ancestors knew long ago; hemp is a miracle plant. Studies show that CBD and other cannabinoids naturally stimulate the mammalian endocannabinoid system to promote health and well-being in many different ways.

To help you experience the rewards of these amazing compounds, we’ve put together a specialised CBD Shop dedicated to selling only the highest-quality hemp and CBD-rich products. Everything from our oils to our line of cosmetic products are sourced from reliable manufacturers who share our passion for quality and innovation.

Below, you’ll find more information about some of our best-selling CBD products. For more information, make sure to contact us or drop by the shop in person.



We stock an array of CBD oils from different manufacturers. They offer a fast, discreet, and convenient way to use CBD both at home and on-the-go. Available in different strengths, these oils can be used both as a medicinal supplement to benefit specific symptoms/conditions or as a general dietary supplement.

All our oils come complete with a dropper for easy administration and are available in different volumes. 2,5% – 5% – 10% – 15% – 20% – 30%


CBD caps are a great alternative for those looking to avoid the bitter taste of CBD oil. All our capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken with food or water. We carefully source all capsules from reliable manufacturers dedicated to producing fine-quality products for medical and dietary use.

Capsules are odourless and flavourless, and come in standardised concentrations that make dosing a breeze.

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CBD topicals have received a ton of attention lately. Not only do they help improve skin health, but research shows that cannabinoid-rich topicals can also help curb the symptoms of infections, muscle pain, and even localised inflammation. We stock numerous hemp-based cosmetics and topicals for all kinds of applications.

All these products are pH-adjusted and suitable for all skin types.


There is no doubt about it, hemp is a superfood. And eating right is the cornerstone of leading a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we provide an assortment of hemp and CBD-rich edibles. All our products come from reliable producers, and are selected based on their nutritional profile and quality.

For more information be sure to contact us via phone, email, social media, or come drop by our store!